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Lynchburg Tennessee is the home base for the Tennessee Paranormal team.  Our team is comprised of members who have many years of paranormal experience both personal and investigative. Our group’s core foundation is helping to define and explain what is or is not a paranormal occurrence and thereby, offering some peace of mind to those affected.  

We do this through many methods, using documented, evidence based knowledge, historical research in conjunction with modern equipment and technologies.  Using these methodologies, our mission is to capture video and/or audio signatures of the activities. After an investigation, our team will spend several hours carefully reviewing all recordings, documenting any evidence which lends proof to paranormal activity.  We do occasionally encounter activity that may also defy explanation as well.  During the reviews, we are also able to isolate and eliminate any explainable activities such as street noises, natural lighting or shadows, etc.

We conduct public ghost tours in addition to public or private investigations.  If you believe that you have paranormal activity in your home or business, please contact us to discuss a private investigation. Private investigations will always be conducted with respect and confidentiality is guaranteed unless otherwise agreed upon.
Contact us at or 205-230-3678 for more information.
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Tennessee Paranormal

Tennessee Paranormal is a member of the Lynchburg / Moore County Chamber of Commerce
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