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Old Funeral Home

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Old Funeral Home

Build in 1940, this 6,500 square foot home was formerly known as the Harrison Funeral Home.  It was converted into a haunted attraction that was filled with actors and visitors from all over.  Now, it is exclusively run by Tennessee Paranormal for public and private investigations.


Out of the countless investigations by the team, there is an abundance of documented activity within the walls of this establishment.  Everything from voices and movements to unexplained phenomena and even full apparitions.


Private investigations are offered on Friday and Saturday nights.  The cost for a private 8 hour investigation from 6pm to 2am is $520 for up to 8 people.  Anything over 8 will be $50 per additional person with a 10 person limit.


If you are a group with no equipment and/or experience, that is perfectly fine.  Our team will be on hand with equipment and guidance to assist you.  

To book an investigation, click on the Book Now link and select a date that is available.

If you're interested in an overnight investigation at both the Old Funeral Home and the Moore County Jail Museum, click Here!

For more information, contact us at (901) 488-9166 or by e-mail at

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