Lynchburg's Haunted Home


Lynchburg's Haunted Home

Built sometime between 1809 and 1920, Lynchburg's Haunted Home has been host to enough business ventures to fill its halls, rooms, and darks spaces with more than a fair share of spooks, ghosts, and spectres.

The structure has, reportedly, served Lynchburg as a boarding house, Civil War hospital, and more recently a funeral home.

The roaming spirits have many stories to share, perhaps you'll discover a new one during your visit?

The unexplained abounds throughout this old century old funeral home.  Many teams have recorded and documented unexplained and paranormal type activities.


To schedule, please visit our Tours page.  Then select the Private Investigation option if you are an established team, experienced with your own equipment.  If you are a group with no equipment and/or experience, please select the Public Investigation option.  Our team will be on hand with equipment and guidance to assist you.

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