Ronnie Headley,  Founder & Lead investigator, CEO


At an early age, he began to feel intuitive to the unexplained and a strong connection to the earth.  His Native American ancestry was the catalyst for his foray into the unexplained.  Ronnie has worked with many state and federal agencies such as the Alabama Historical Commission in locating graves and archaeological sites. Ronnie’s interest in the paranormal peaked when he encountered his first apparition while working as a Funeral Director. During his many years as a Funeral Director, he continued to have paranormal experiences.  In the years since that time, he has been on several investigative teams in Alabama and Tennessee. 


Ronnie has investigated such places as the Dead Children’s Playground, Lynchburg Funeral Home, Walking Horse Inn, Brushy Mountain Penitentiary, an antebellum home and battlefield in Spring Hill and several private residences.  He continues to host public historical/ghost walking tours at Henry Horton State Park as well as overnight investigations using some of the most advanced technology available. 

Ronnie has recently appeared on various Podcasts such as Dave Schrader's Beyond the Darkness Radio, Occupation Nation and Para-scope Uncensored. 

He also made a special guest appearance on Kindred Spirits, Season 3, Episode 5 "Blood in the Water" on the Travel Channel.

European Paranormal Author Erica Gammon will be including a mini-story from Ronnie in a book to be published later in 2019.

He is available for talks, lectures and hosting private events.  


The Tennessee Paranormal Team is also available for private investigations and house cleansings upon request.

 Carole Headley, Co-Owner, Web Design, CFO

Carole's interest in the paranormal peaked while watching her husband Ronnie's passion for it.  Although she has an interest in it, due to family commitments, she has always been supportive behind the scenes. 

Web designing is one of her hobbies.  This website is an example of her work. 

From helping finance the team from formation, trademark registration, equipment purchases to our new adventure of historical ghost walks, she may not be always seen publicly, but she is always behind the scenes supporting Tennessee Paranormal.

Dana Perryman, Senior Partner, Investigative Tour Guide


 I’ve always been a believer of the paranormal.  Throughout my life I’ve heard the stories of paranormal experiences some family and friends have had but it became very real for me when my family and I moved into our current home and started experiencing things first hand.  


Most people are skeptics unless they have paranormal experiences themselves which makes them feel helpless, scared or even feel like they are going crazy.    My goal in becoming a paranormal investigator is to help those understand what is happening around them.  


It’s detective work.  We take lots of readings, recordings, interview witnesses, and carry out historical research on the property which I find so interesting.  We don’t use spiritual divination techniques.  All evidence is double checked as we always look for the logical explanation first so hopefully we help people find comfort in what they are going through.  

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